Galangal or laos is one type of plant tuber that is included in the rhizome family as well as ginger and turmeric, the difference between galangal skin tends to shiny. Galangal is also one of the basic ingredients in spices. Galangal shaped solid, oval bull and large. Galangal is red when young and yellowish white when it is ripe. Lengkuas has meat that is not too hard. Lengkuas has a savory and sweet taste and fragrant. Galangal is commonly used in Indonesia because Indonesian cuisine is generally a complete spice and tastes savory. Galangal can be grouped in types of tubers. To get galangal, galangal farmers usually harvest roots from the galangal plants. Galangal is quite easy to find on the Indonesian market because it is indeed one of the main ingredients that must be present in several dishes. Lengkuas is usually sold per kilo or one package with other spices.

The advantages of galangal

1. As a diarrhea medicine

A fresh galangal has anti-bacterial substances that are useful to get rid of pathogenic bacteria and cure diarrhea. A study by Sunilson, JAJ in 2009 showed that the antimicrobial activity of galangal can also eradicate bacteria carried into the body (such as bacteria fructose and lactose), and excess vitamin C which can also cause diarrhea. Now, with the anti-microbial properties of this galangal, it is alleged that it can relieve diarrhea attacks.

2. Prevent tumors and cancer

In the content of galangal, there are many antioxidants to help repair the body's DNA cells, which are caused by free radicals and other toxic components that enter and settle in the body. A study by British researchers found that galangal extract has anti-cancer properties. This study has been tested by several patients suffering from lung cancer and breast cancer. Another advantage of galangal is that it can inhibit the xanthin pathway of the synthesis enzyme that triggers tumor development

3. Relieve asthma

Galangal also has an important role in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. In herbal medicine in China, galangal has been used as a drug that has an antispasmodic effect to reduce phlegm (kapha), and dilate the bronchiole ducts to relieve asthma.

4. Relieves coughing, sore throat and hoarseness


In India, people who use a mixture of galangal with hot water to relieve pain in the chest, hoarseness, and also sore throat. Only by mixing a few small spoons of galangal powder with hot water, then drunk regularly will feel the benefits. Another alternative method, can be done by brewing galangal slices in whiting water, then drink once a day. This is due to the benefits of galangal which has expectorant properties and is useful in many bodily respiratory problems.

5. Treat burns


If you make juice from galangal or finely mash some galangal slices, you can relieve pain from the pain on the skin that has burns. You can also rub a few fresh galangal slices on the skin 2 to 3 times every day to reduce burn scars that can appear later on.

6. Helps to relieve dandruff and scalp problems


Now, if the benefits of this one galangal are unexpected. Galangal has an anti-fungal effect that can be useful in fungal attacks on each part of the body's skin, including ulit head. The fungus that infects the scalp can cause dandruff. How to use galangal? You can immediately scrub some galangal slices on the scalp or mix some grated galangal with olive oil, then rub on the scalp area with dandruff.

So many explanations about the banana fruit. The contents of this article come from various sources.

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